early beginnings

Sant Sadurní d'Anoia is located in Penedés, a region of a long tradition in the cultivation of vineyards and winemaking. The importance of the Penedés wine was consolidated in the 19th century, in a context of expansion that led to the planting of vineyards.

This wine tradition jumped ahead to the 1870s, when several owners from Sant Sadurní began to implement the system according wine elaboration with  méthode champenoise. It was the birth of the relationship between cava and St. Sadurní.


From 1878 champagne had to overcome the crisis caused by the arrival in town of phyloxera, which forced boot all the vineyards and to replant them with American rootstock vines, grafted on with tradicional grape varieties of the Penedés.

Since 1981, the episode of history Sant Sadurní is remembered every year on September 8th with the Festival of Phyloxera.



Throughout the 19th Century, there have been many companies in Sant Sadurní related to the production of cava. The include Torre-Blanca wineries, born in the heart of the Ventura family.

With the advent of the new millenium, the brothers Jaume and Xavier created, in the gorgeous heart of St. Sadurní, cava Llàgrima d'Or. It means to us a new adventure full of the same courage and enthusiasm of so many other forefathers from the mid-19th century.